Navarro’s Story

December 2018, someone hit me from behind, I thought I was okay. But later that evening, severe neck pain. They said, You don’t have a case. I did some Google search and then I talked to Lindsey and she said, You do have a case. I was feeling sore, I didn’t know what direction to go in. You don’t have to worry about that – she’ll worry about it. 

It’s her honesty, that’s what stands out. She’s not going to take your case if there’s nothing she can do. And she’s ethical, that’s the best word to say. We don’t want to be looked at as a dollar sign. Are you going to do what’s in your best interest and not mine? And that’s not how it comes off from Lindsey. She’s going to represent you to the best of her abilities. After a conversation with her you felt a positive energy and vibe. You can put your trust in her and she’ll get the job done. 

The accident wasn’t my fault and I had my daughter in the car with me and she was okay. She said, “Daddy you’re brittle.” My daughter loves her. That kids’ bag with the toys in her office, it’s a kids’ magnet! Their eyes get big. She came with me to Lindsey’s and she was looking for that bag. 

She’s sincere, good character, reliable and great leader. She can lead multiple ways, that’s one of her qualities. She can lead by details, to provide you information that you don’t know nothing about. She says what she thinks is the best option for you, give you the pros and cons, and her word is gold. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable. But she made sure that I got compensated. She looked after me.

I’m not the best person to speak in front of a crowd but when someone has treated me good, those fears of talking or expressing go away so I have extra confidence to describe their character or how they treated me or my daughter. She would never turn her back on you. 

If I had to rate her on a scale from a 1 through 10 I would rate her an 11. (Laughs) She cares. It’s that plain and simple, someone cares. That goes a long way in my book.