Max’s Review

Clients know when you believe them and believe their problems and genuinely care about them, and I don’t know many people who do that better than Lindsey. I don’t know anyone with more of a personal connection with her clients. 

She has tremendous empathy, in ways that I rarely see in her field. These are all people with human problems that she will do her best to serve. To her, it’s not just an insurance company doing business as usual on the other side, it’s: You are hurting my client, you’re hurting their life, and that means you’re hurting me. And you’re going to hear from me.

There is often a volume aspect to personal injury law. You may talk to support staff, but you’ll almost never talk to your lawyer. That’s not Lindsey. And the size of the case is irrelevant to her. She will give every client and every case 100%.

She’s a great lawyer. She knows the law and court procedure as well as any PI lawyer. She’s happy to take a case to trial and she’s a stone faced killer when she has to be. She doesn’t need to thump her chest or act tough, she’s going to let her work do the talking.

I trust Lindsey to the utmost. I’ve sent clients to her and I would send family to her without thinking twice. I have no concern she’ll give them less than 5 star care.