Eugene’s Story

The guy hit my car sideways. I was in pain, medicated. My back was messed up. Went to the doctor, went to the therapy. Lindsey, she was working with my sister and she said so many good things about her and so that was basically it.

Lindsey’s a hard worker. She’s always involved, calling, letting you know what’s going on. I didn’t have one time where I felt like some lawyers make you feel, like you’re just a number. She definitely can see you, her client, and put herself right in your shoes. Empathy. She calls you, she checks on you. There has never been an instant where she said, “Just be patient, don’t call me that much.” Anytime I called, not a problem. And she answered every question.

She’s stealth. Definitely tough. She’s quiet with it. Even with the quietness, her command of the room speaks volumes. And authoritative. That’s her. We were in a meeting, there were two lawyers, one guy was sitting at the table with the client and he was a slimeball. And the other guy was quiet. The slimeball did all his questions, but she already had it made up in her mind how she wants to set things up for this guy to answer. And she was like playing chess, and she’s poker faced, “Oh you do?” And I’m quiet, just listening to the guy, and then he answered and he killed his own self! He walked into every one of her traps. She just destroyed the guy. And the other guy is just like shaking his head, oh man. 

She resolved every fear that I had coming down the line. She told me the strategies that she would be using which helped a lot, made me feel a lot better. And sometimes she calls, “Hi Eugene. Guess what?” And I can hear it in her voice that we’ve got some good news coming down. Oh man. She has changed my life. I can say that what she did pushed me forward in my life. I got divorced and lost a lot and her help pushed me forward. It’s like talking to my sister. She’s genuinely interested in what’s going on in your life. We not just a number, we’re people with lives. And she asks about those things and she’s genuinely curious about it. And I know whatever could happen, she would help with. 

Lindsey’s a blessed person. That empathy. I’m happy to have her as my lawyer.