Christina’s Story

June 2016. I was rear ended and in a lot of pain. It’s so hard to find someone you can trust. I ended up finding Lindsey through friends of my family. And when we talked, I felt a connection with her. She’s very open, very easy to talk to. I don’t know lawyer terms and she talks to you in a way that you understand. And she will be honest, and never judgmental of your situation or your questions.

In arbitration, she was amazing, she was great at keeping me calm. She made me feel like I can do this. There’s not enough female representation in this field. I think that people see someone like Lindsey who’s polite, and they tend to think ‘Oh this will be easy.’ It was all men and there were things they would say that would come off as condescending or unfair, and Lindsey objected and the judge agreed with her. The defense attorney, they try to look intimidating, and Lindsey was not intimidated! You could tell that she knew she had them, and they did, too. You could read it all over their bodies. And me, I’m trying so hard to be calm on the outside and inside I’m thinking “YEEEEEES!!!! Go get him! That was AWESOME!  Score one for us!!!” She’s very confident and at the same time very, very honest about what was possible and what was not. Her prediction was almost exactly what happened.

She cared about me. She talked to me like I’m a person, not like a paycheck. She has values that have nothing to do with money. She does not give up. She would not take less than she felt I deserved. She would not back down.

Lindsey made me feel validated, and like I mattered. There are people who will make you feel like ‘poor you’, not her. She made me feel, You’ve got this, it’s going to be ok, it’s going to work out. And it did. Beyond my expectation, beyond what I hoped for.

I would trust her 100%. She’s going to change the world for a lot of people. She is everything you would hope your lawyer would be. It was more than winning the case, it was making a real connection with somebody.