Anna’s Story

I was a passenger in a car that was rear-ended. The driver who hit us admitted he was on the phone and still they made me feel like it was my fault that I was hurt! 

Lindsey understands your pain, she believes in you, and helps strengthen you for all the things you’ll have to handle. 

She understands that recovery is about more than money. It’s also about justice. So she really listens to what’s important to her clients in terms of your settlement. It’s not about what she wants. 

Male PI defense attorneys have a reputation for being aggressive, for bullying, talking over people, trying to intimidate women. Just try! She’s ready. You cannot intimidate her. And she’s not angry, that’s not her weapon. She’s strong, tenacious, and unflappable. Completely calm. That language of male power, shouting, bullying, she uses it against them. She’s brilliant. I was cheering for her half the time. 

She’s a brilliant bada** and she’s a mom of two so she’s got that balance of sensitive and professional. She’s the total package.

Lindsey is in it for a bigger resolution, not just a closed case. She’s going to make a difference in your life and she won’t let you give up. She guides you through it. She got me through the process of healing. She helps you be made whole. She’s your attorney and your therapist all in one. This is who you want on your side.